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“Molly worked with community leaders in our network to create videos of their lived and professional experiences as leaders who have significantly changed the equity trajectories and outcomes of their communities. Molly created inspiring, informative, and actionable stories that IEL now uses in advancing its Rise Up for Equity strategic plan and strategy. Molly has been very thoughtful and considerate in her work with our community leaders and their community members. She is a great professional to work with and a wonderful artist capable of capturing the soul and spirit of our leaders and communities. ”  - Johan Uvin, former President IEL

With extensive experience as a documentary filmmaker, educator, facilitator, outreach coordinator and writer, Dispatch Films offers a diverse set of services that can accompany or supplement any video we provide. Whether you are in the early stages of identifying your story or are ready to get going, we have can support you.


These include:

  • Comprehensive storytelling: promotional videos, series of stories about your work, and  short or long form films. 

  • Curriculum development and educational videos 

  • Impact Producing and Film Community Outreach

  • Writing including project and program summaries, issue op-eds, proposals and essays



Phone: +1-510-847-8262

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