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Dispatch Films is an independent production company based in Washington, DC, founded in 2012 by filmmaker Molly Blank. 



We aim to tell powerful stories that are often untold, using the medium of documentary film to effect social change. 


In the past, we have told stories about educational disparity, race, xenophobia, leadership, and transformation. We have told stories about the hopes, questions, and challenges facing young people as they navigate life, and how poor schools reverse expectations in order to achieve academic success. We believe that documentaries have the power to give names and faces to some of the most pressing issues facing the globe.

Our films are regularly screened in classrooms, universities, government institutions, and community spaces around the world. Our teacher guides are used to help strengthen the understanding of students for the issues presented in our films.


We are also available to assist private clients, including NGO’s,

to develop short videos about their work that can be used for fundraising purposes. 



some of our past clients include:

The Brookings Institution, Institute for Educational Leadership, Video Action, Inanda Seminary, Motley Fool, Saili, Shikaya, Institute for Reconciliation & Justice, University of the Free State

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