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Dispatch Films is an independent production company based in Brooklyn, NY. 


Dispatch Films is an independent production company based in Brooklyn, NY. We aim to tell powerful stories that are often untold, using the medium of video storytelling to highlight and effect social change. We believe that documentaries have the power to give names and faces to some of the most pressing issues facing the globe.

Our films have told stories about educational disparity, race and equity, and leadership and transformation. We have told stories about the hopes and challenges facing young people as they navigate complex lives in South African townships, how under-resourced schools are reversing expectations and achieving academic success, and the 70th anniversary of the deportation of the Jewish community from a small town in Romania. 

We also partner with organizations to shed light on the issues central to their work." This has enabled us to use video to examine issues including juvenile justice, access to education, food insecurity in the US, and racial equity. 


Dispatch Films also has extensive experience in writing, including newspaper commentaries, teacher guides for films, curriculum development, project proposals and  the book How to Fix South Africa’s Schools: Lessons from Schools that Work. 


Our films are regularly screened in classrooms, universities, government institutions, and community spaces around the world.

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